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We all know that paleo diets and meals can really help us be more fit and healthy. Although there are many paleo diets with great recipes, there isn’t really a great recipe book that contains easy to cook paleo recipes that are best for our body and minds. To be more specific, there really isn’t any recipe book that is divided by categories and in which every recipe is beautifully explained. Well that was till the introduction of the Paleo Grabs Book. This amazing book has earned critical acclaim because it is probably the best book for paleo recipes and everything in it is organized perfectly so it can satisfy anyone’s needs. In this Paleo Grabs Book Review we will reveal the content, features and see what are the good and what are the bad things in it. Basically, anything that will determine your buying decision.

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Paleo Grubs Book Review

What is Paleo Grubs Book all about?

The first goal of the book is to promote healthy lifestyle, it doesn’t give false promises that you will lose a lot of fat or weight, but instead with all of those recipes it wants to make a long-lasting change that will have meaningful impact in your life. The book is great for anyone, from beginners that have never heard of paleo diet recipes, till experienced fans of paleo recipes and meals. The second goal of Paleo Grabs Book is to help its readers to eat healthy, but at the same time, delicious food! You will enjoy and feel the benefits of eating healthy.

The book also offers diet plans, besides the standard recipes. In that way the book will offer great meal plan that is well thought and tailored to bring you the best results. This meal plan is created by paleo experts and can help anyone to lose weight and make his body more muscular and powerful. But let’s see what you will exactly get, because there are some extra bonuses that can also be handy to readers.

What does Paleo Grubs Book contain?

Of course, when you purchase this book, you will get the book that contains 470 recipes that are divided in 17 categories. We assure you that there is food for everyone. The recipes are diverse and can satisfy anyone’s taste and needs. There are some ultra-delicious recipes as well that are both affordable and easy to prepare. Actually that is what the book tends to do. To help you find recipes that are easy to prepare and are affordable as well. Although, there are some complex meals that take little longer to prepare, but of course they are worth trying! I’m talking about the recipes where there is sea food involved for example.

Paleo Grubs Book

Besides that, as we previously stated, you will get a 10 week meal plan that precisely says what you need to eat in order to improve your health and strength. The meal plan also contains meals that are easy to prepare and that are affordable.

But, besides that you will also get Paleo Desserts Book. This is for the ones that want to lose weight but don’t want to quit the sweets and desserts. Yes, you can lose weight and get fit eating desserts. The desserts are tasteful and variable, you can find dark chocolate desserts, fruit desserts and many more.

There is also a Slow Cooker Meals Book is for the ones that are not experts in cooking and there are many like that. That is why there is a book that comes like a bonus to the base book. There are also some great recipes in here as well.

Does it stand to what it promises?

I’ve tried and cooked several paleo recipes. As I was cooking them, even though I’m not good with cooking, but these ones are easy to prepare, I was sure that I will like them because they were based on things that I would like to eat. All I can say that I’m really satisfied of how the author included so many diverse recipes, but still satisfied every single rule of the paleo cooking. The paleo cooking is maybe the future of fitness and health industry and with the recipes included in the book you are headed in the right direction. Every need will be satisfied and this book totally stands back its claims. It is not falsely advertised.


Special Report:

  • 10 Week Meal Plan  
  • Paleo Desserts
  • Slow Cooker Meals

paleo grubs book reviews

paleo grubs ebook


Paleo Grubs Book Pros :

– All rules of paleo cooking are respected
– More than 470 recipes divided in 17 categories
– Recipes are easy to prepare and can be cooked by anyone
– Great bonus books that you get for free
– 10 week meal plan for long lasting change and healthier lifestyle
– Combination of delicious meals that are healthy
– One small payment to lifetime access of paleo recipes

Paleo Grubs Book Cons :

– It doesn’t come in hard copy, everything is digital
– The meal plan may be hard to follow for some readers

Conclusion – Is Paleo Grubs Book worth buying?

Definitely it is worth trying! It contains so many useful, delicious and healthy recipes that can be really a great change in your life. With it, not only that you will have healthy meals that you can eat to be fit, lose weight and have more energy, you will also have wide variety of tasteful and ultra-delicious dishes that you can really enjoy, unlike any other popular diets that requires from us to eat some ugly dishes that we simply don’t enjoy.
All meals in the book can be prepared by anyone. Any experience or knowledge is not required. All you need is the book, most of the dishes are also affordable, you will not needs some big budget to prepare them. The fact that you will get a 10 week meal plan is also great because you will have something to follow and something that will help you lose weight. Paleo Grabs Book is one of the very best paleo recipe books, if not the best. That is why it is worth for the small investment.

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